Since I was a little girl I have been crafting and even now that I am almost “forty-one” years old: I still am.
Curiously, my crafting virus is even worse, now that I have a family and a fulltime job. Partly because I make stuff for and with my children and partly because I lock myself in my craftingroom to avoid more stressful situations – like a pile of laundry or dirty floor.

Drawing and painting with aquarelle/ watercolor paint was my first crafting experience and still is the backbone of my work. Drawing taught me about proportions, shading and perspective, this helped me when I explored other crafts like jewelry making, working with clay, building a doll house and sewing. But no matter how many sidesteps I took: I always get back to drawing.

This site will show you what I am working on and I will try to include hints and tips how I made it and what materials I used.

Btw: this site doesn’t actually refer to my age, I am wááááy younger. We live in Amsterdam at (house)nr 41. Because I spend so much of my free time in my craftingroom, my family started referring to it as “41B”…..