Stain-colorred paper.

Stain-colored paper example.


  • distress ink (Tim Holtz) or watercolor paints;
  • waterfilled spraybottle;
  • watercolor paper;
  • A non-sticky surface, like bakingpaper or a piece of tear-off palette.

Step 1: Wipe the ink across the surface:



Second, spray water over the ink. In case you try to use watercolor, water it down quite a bit and create puddles on the surface. Make sure the colors do not touch, as they will mingle.



Place a piece of watercolorpaper on top, press lightly. The longer the paper the stays down, the stronger the paper is colorred.


if you want the paper fully covered with color, move around a bit.

Pick up the paper: Whoa! beautiful!


If you like, you can spread the wet paint a bit with your finger, or repeat the process with new colors to add a second layer (let the paper dry first).

These papers create great backgrounds for stamping or as a base for giftcards.