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This weekend I felt like taking a big jump and make a big painting. Maybe because the paper fairy house I made last weekend was soo small?

So I dusted an old frame (one of my looked-easy-turned-out-to-be-difficult past projects) and started with blue. And pink. And white. And red. And I hurried home sunday, because I was addicted and couldn’t stop painting. In the late afternoon I actually tried to stop painting twice, because I thought the painting was finished (also some children needed to be fed). But then again, I felt something was missing or a part was too boring. So I HAD to get all my paints and sprays and cleaned brushes out again and continue. After some more leaves, flowers and spots the painting came to an end finally and diner ended up on the table only a little late.

Now the painting sits an the wall in my sisters appartment looking very finished and colorfull.




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